Atul Gupta, 27 August, 2010 (Gallo Images/Financial Mail/Robert Tshabalala)
Atul Gupta, 27 August, 2010 Gallo Images/Financial Mail/Robert Tshabalala

2017 The Game Changer

  1. The Game Changer
  2. Life Esidimeni
  3. Chaps, this is goodbye
  4. Not all heroes wear capes
  5. ‘Who do I go to? Where do I take it?’
  6. The plans kick into gear
  7. Treachery is afoot
  8. The heat rises
  9. Meltdown
  10. The scramble begins
  11. Reckoning with the #GuptaLeaks
  12. #GuptaLeaks postscript
  13. Pauli’s first zinger
  14. All hands on deck
  15. The Cape water crisis
  16. Wondering about ‘Operation Wonder’
  17. Zapiro v Mbalula
  18. Tiso Deathstar

2017 was Daily Maverick’s biggest year since its inception. It also brought 12 months of turbulence unprecedented in democratic South Africa. The Life Esidimeni scandal shocked the nation. Struggle hero Ahmed Kathrada passed away. South Africans took to the streets in their thousands to demonstrate for a sitting president’s removal. The Western Cape was seized by a terrifying water crisis. And, of course, there was #GuptaLeaks.